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Short Story #2 – The Bench

It was their favorite spot.

They loved to come here together. It was also a place where they would come when they needed to get away from it all, including getting away from each other.

They would sit there, shoulder to shoulder. Holding hands, looking at the magnificent lake, listening to the rattling leaves and allowing the breeze to caress their faces.

“If only we could waste our days away just like this”, she would always suggest.

“Not wasting, my love. Not wasting.” And he would always remind her. How could it be wasting when they were actually creating memories together?

“You know what I mean.” She would roll her eyes, as always. And he would pull her closer, kiss her hair and say, “Indeed, I do.”

Today, the need to get away from everything came knocking hard. Sitting on the same bench, looking at the same old beautiful lake, listening to the falling leaves and breathing in the cool air.

He caressed the bench, the empty seat beside him…… Solid, sturdy, polished…… Cold.

She had always loved this bench, it was love at first sight when they moved here. They would always come here looking for the other person after an argument. Arguments turned into hugs and kisses here.

Now, he was enjoying all these, without her. He missed her, so very much……

He was hoping, that she would come get him, as usual.

“I’ll be waiting, my love. And I’ll be ready when you come. Just don’t let me wait too long.” He whispered into the wind……


*I do not own this photo. Photo from the internet.*

Writing Ain’t Easy, But It’s Fun

Generally, I love to write. Most of the times, I express myself better in writing.

Recently I just have this crazy desire to write story…… Or I should say I have always been wanting to try writing a story. I’ve been writing about myself and what is happening in my life. I have not really tried writing a fictional story.

I’m a person who likes to dream. I’m not talking about those goals that I would like to achieve. I’m talking about daydreaming, imagining and let the thoughts wander…… Of course I don’t daydream when I work lah. I don’t daydream as much as I did when I was much younger. The window of time for me to be idle and let the thoughts wander is getting smaller and smaller. However, when I get that chance, I’ll just let my mind run free and imagine all things that I would love to imagine. I’ve never put those thoughts and imaginations to words. Now, I think it’s time for me to do that.

My vocabulary is at its worst lately. Many a times I couldn’t find the right word to express what I want to express. I have no one to blame but myself, for not reading at all for the past one year. Only did some reading on the internet. ARGH! Pick up a book and read, Ashley! Stop procrastinating! @__@

You’ll be seeing “short story” posts in the future. Of course, don’t expect incredibly fantastic stories from me. I’m not Patricia Cornwell or Dan Brown. :P


Short Story #1 – Mistake

The noise. The crowds. The lights. The faces. Everything seemed to be overwhelming tonight.

She gently swept her hair to the side.

She bit her lower lip, where he used to kiss.

The mere thought of it made her blushed.

Sitting in the restaurant, alone, waiting for him to show.

“He’s not going to come……” She thought.

“I love you, my dear.” He whispered in her ear two days ago. She was silly enough to believe that it was true.

She asked for the bill, and left the restaurant that they used to share dinner together.

He saw her leaving the restaurant. The look on her face made him wanted to run to her and hold her tight.

He knows he couldn’t. It was a mistake to tell her that he loved her. He had to right the wrong and let go.

“Let go…… You don’t belong to me, my love.” He whispered to himself.












~ Ashley



Living For Pain

It is strange
How you feel about me
How I feel about you

It should not be

It is odd
The way you look at me
The way I look to you

It must not be

It is bizarre
How time has worked for you
How time has worked on me

It can not be

It is not real
This is not real

To not feel the pain
To not see the pain
To not live the pain

It is painful to be awake
It is staying awake that can save me

Save me
Will you?

Save me.

~ Ashley

P.S.: How many of us can really pull ourselves back together after a tragedy? How many of us can really let go and live with the pain? They said, time is the best healer. But they forgot, there is some pain, even the best healer in the world cannot heal. The movie Snowpiercer inspired me to write this. Chris Evans’ character was living with a pain that he cannot let go. We can only try to forget, but we never really forget. We can only pray for the strength to overcome the pain, and live on.


Worth watching, if you can ignore some of the non-logical parts. A pretty inspiring story. Don’t be surprised when you see the Korean language in the trailer. It is a Korean movie, by a Korean director. But the movie is in English, don’t worry. :P

The Horror

I used to love horror movies (in fact I still love them) and I wouldn’t have nightmares after watching them. I could still go on with my daily life not worrying if I would see a ghost or some spirit is going to haunt me.

Years ago, when I was still a college student, I watched Ju-On together with my housemates at home. That movie, is my curse. I couldn’t get rid of those images from my head! I was so scared that I called Andrew (who wasn’t home to watch the movie together) and told him to come home IMMEDIATELY (he was my housemate back then). He would now recall that I sounded like I was just being robbed. LOL! Ju-On is really scary s*** I tell ya!

I have this love-hate relationship with horror movies since then, I want to watch them but I am also scared. Andrew doesn’t appreciate that part of me. He doesn’t like horror movies and he doesn’t understand why I still want to watch them when I feel so scared. He refuses to watch horror movies in the cinema, or I should say he doesn’t even want to watch them. I literally have to beg him to watch it with me, but he never budge. :( Luckily he said yes for watching The Conjuring in the cinema! That’s because I told him it’s based on a true story! The last time he watched a horror movie with me in a cinema (before The Conjuring), he fell asleep!!! T__T

I only watch horror movies at home when Andrew is around. Also, I will only watch horror movies after I take my shower. Hahaha. You ask, what has shower got to do with watching horror movies? All because of Ju-On lah! There was a scary scene happened in the bathroom while the girl was taking her shower…… Gosh!!! Don’t remind me of that! Andrew will always remind me to take my shower first if I want to watch horror movies. :P I dare not to go to the bathroom after watching the movies, or, I will leave the bathroom door open. Hahahahahaha.

So, why do I still love watching horror movies? Let’s just say I love the mystery or story behind every horror movie. There is always a reason behind a haunted place, and it is always related to human. Horror movies are, most of the times, telling you a story from a different perspective. Don’t you want to know why that house is haunted? Why the spirits become restless? Why the living ones did what they did? Why……

I have never watched the trailer above to the end…… Whenever I saw this trailer on TV, I would quickly cover my ears and close my eyes! LOL!!! I’ve not watched the movie too, it looks too scary. Hahahaha.

Few years back, Andrew got me this movie, Dead Silence, since I told him I wanted to watch. I put the DVD on, just 5 minutes the movie started, I close and off everything. That scene is the beginning of the trailer above too. The moment I saw it was zooming in on the bed with something covered underneath the blanket, I hit pause! I was so scared and, Andrew wasn’t home!!! I think I deserve a trophy for acting so quick to hit the pause button, it was lightning quick I tell ya! LOL!

There was once I saw this trailer on TV, can’t remember what movie is that. I didn’t know it was a horror movie trailer, I screamed the moment I saw the ghost! Idiot!!! And Andrew was laughing! @__@

Do you like horror movies?

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.” - Hide and Seek

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Volvo

Recently, I saw this Volvo Trucks advertisement and my jaw dropped. I literally had to hold my lower jaw and close it! It was so cool!

Jean-Claude Van Damme, the famous action movie star, what is he doing in a Volvo Trucks commercial? That’s what I thought. Watch and you’ll understand.

Van Damme is old but he hasn’t lost it at all! Gosh…… I showed Andrew this, and he too went, “awesome”. You just gotta give your thumbs-up to Van Damme. Oh…… Sorry to say, I’m not a big fan of Volvo. ;) My thumbs-up and jaw-dropping moment were for Van Damme. :D

Speaking of Volvo, my friend showed me this commercial that they had it on American TV. I was laughing so hard and thought Volvo has really got to decide who their customers are.

Hilarious isn’t it? My friend said, Volvo is for vampires and he wonders how many vampires out there are driving a Volvo. LMAO!!! That commercial is so lame. Unlike Audi’s commercial with Iron Man. Vampire versus Iron Man, I’ll choose Iron Man, period. :P

Enough of Volvo jokes. :P Get back to work.

Another Chuck Taylor

As you know me, I prefer flats than heels. Ever since my RM39 red flats which I bought from Zalora worn out, I’ve been looking for a replacement. I hate that moment that when you wanted something badly, you just couldn’t find it. I’ve tried cheap ones, expensive ones, comfortable ones (as they claimed)…… None of them really gave me that comfortable feeling like the RM39 flats! Idiot…… I am stuck with my ugly but comfortable yellow Crocs…… And my red Chuck Taylor (I still love my red Converse)……

I was looking for a pair of white Chuck Taylor classic for a long time. All the stores I’ve been to are “out of stock”, I even left my numbers with them so that they could call me when they restock. I never received calls from them. Ish…… But Ashley, why white? You may ask. ‘Cause I can then pair it with anything, any color, any outfit…… Oh, and I wanted a high top since I already have a classic.

Was wandering in KLCC with Andrew after dinner on one Friday. Walked past Converse store and I said, “let’s go in and try my luck again”. Saw the white high top on display, I was sceptical when I asked the store assistant if there were any smaller sizes available. The shop owner heard and answered “try size 5″. I was surprised that they have sizes!!! I was yelping in delight inside! “They have size! They have stock wor!” I told Andrew. When I put that white high top on, my goodness…… I didn’t want to take it off!!! I was looking in the mirror (almost dance in front of the mirror) and kept asking Andrew, “nice right? It looks nice right? It looks so nice and it’s so comfortable……” That moment, I knew I gotta buy it NOW.

Fastest decision I ever made in buying a pair of shoes! Within less than 5 minutes. Hahahahahahaha.

Love my Chuck Taylor All Star!

White high top Chuck Taylor

P.S.: I’m still hunting for a pair of flats that I can wear with my work outfit. I don’t wear flats in the office usually. I wear flats TO the office, and change into my heels when I’m in the office, and change back into my flats when it’s after work. So, I still need a pair of flats that could compliment my work outfit. Crocs is just too ugly. :(

My New-found Passion

I was struggling to find what I really love doing. It was all over the place and I wanted to do so many things. Andrew told me to take my time to find it, it is not something that you can rush. There wasn’t one thing that I really LOVE doing and commit to it. Until, now. It was just like what people always say, you find it when you least expect it.

Recently, I found that I actually enjoy baking. :)

I enjoy cooking too. Whenever I can, I will cook. However, I don’t like the “aftermath” of cooking a meal. So many things to wash! Pans, pots, spatula, spoons, plates, bowls, chopsticks, chopping boards, knife…… And so much of waste to throw!!! I’m really lazy to cook whenever I think of that……

Whereas for baking, usually is just the mixing bowl, mixer, spatula, baking tray and measuring cup. See! Lesser things to wash and clean up. Also, it’s fast to actually whip up something to bake. Once you master the steps, it’s so easy. Mix everything up, put in the baking tray and into the oven, “DING”! Done. And the house would be smelling heavenly of baked stuff instead of smelling oily or stinky of the food you just cooked.

However, being an Aries, the biggest challenge is to make a new challenge/passion last. I am worried that this new-found passion will only last for a couple of months. I have to find new “challenges” for myself if I want this passion to last. So, I start baking for friends, colleagues and family. I make it a habit to bake at least once a week, be it cookies or cupcakes or muffins. I have to keep looking for new recipes. I have to keep exploring rather than feeling “safe” with the one-and-only recipe. I have to keep challenging myself!

My new mission is, learn to bake pineapple tarts! Andrew is a pineapple tarts fanatic. He can finish a whole jar of pineapple tarts within minutes!!! We only get to see or eat pineapple tarts during Chinese New Year. If I could bake it on my own, I can have it any time I want. When Andrew heard that I want to learn how to bake pineapple tarts, “GOOD! I like pineapple tarts!” First time he gave me respond like that on baking! Ish……. Just because it’s what he likes…… @__@


Fair To Be Unfair

I talk
She is offended
She speaks
I become speechless

I do it
She criticises
She does it
I must compliment

I am angry
She calls me sensitive
She is angry
I have to say sorry

I make mistake
She says idiot
She makes mistake
I must forgive

I say no
She says stubborn
She says no
I shall be grateful

I disagree
She says weird
She disagrees
I must agree

Not everyone understands
It is never fair
Not everyone sees
It is difficult
To be that someone
Who is always at the other end
Being told, “it is never fair”

~ Ashley

Sometimes, I wish people would stop saying “it is never fair” to justify their unfair treatments towards others. I so wish to ask them, “can I then be unfair to you since it is never fair?”

I Am Malaysian

I am Malaysian
I can speak Chinese
Because my ancestors were Chinese
But, I am Malaysian

I am Malaysian
I call Malaysia home
Because it is where I was born
So, I am Malaysian

I am Malaysian
I choose to exercise my rights
Because I have to do what is right
Therefore, I fight as a Malaysian

I am Malaysian
I vote for a better future
Because I want a better future

A future where we are all Malaysians
A future where I do not have to fill in my “race”
A future where we stand united as one race
A future where I do not fear my government
A future where the government serves its people
A future where I can proudly tell the world that,
“I am Malaysian
I love my country
And I love my leader”

~ Ashley

P.S.: Right now, I am not entirely proud of being a Malaysian. I am not entirely happy to be a Malaysian. I love my country, and it saddens me so much to see a bunch of monkeys running this country to the ground. It has become worse in the past 10 years. I am not sure of what the future will bring, but I am all hopeful. I am not a supporter of the opposition, but I am a supporter of change. 56 years…… It is long enough. Chance should be given to others, just like when the Americans given Obama a chance. For better or worse, we will be the ones who make the history. The vote, is in our hands. Why are we so afraid of change? I have heard people saying, “no one is capable enough to rule this country”. My dear, we are not sure, we are not sure. Don’t judge too quickly. At least, a change is better than nothing. Change, is what we need now.


He gave his people hope, but many are now disappointed. At least, the people of USA held their heads high and said, “I made that change”. I wish I would be able to say that, on 5th May 2013.

Surviving. Praying.

No words
Can describe

No tears
Can define

I wish for nothing
As I can’t wish no more

I dream no future
As I see no future

Beyond sadness
I stand

Above hopelessness
I pray

Life goes on
I go on

Here I am
Standing strong

There you are
Going strong

Against all odds

We survive

~ Ashley

I cannot say enough of how much respect I have for those who’s strong enough to stand by the side of their sick family members. I salute my sister for being so strong to go through all of it from the moment her husband got sick to the day he left, and with a toddler to  take care of. I respect my friend who for the past three years never gave up on her boyfriend (who was seriously injured in a car accident) even when the people around her told her to. He is on his way to full recovery.

For those who’s fighting the battle that can’t seem to win, have a little more faith in yourself and also in your god. Miracle happens when you least expect it. For those who lost their loved ones unfortunately, never lose hope and don’t stop praying. You are already a miracle to be able to be strong for others.


Photo by Ashley, at DMZ, South Korea.

The Memory. The Future.

Have we met?
Have we kissed?
I can’t recall
I don’t remember

I see you
But I don’t know you
I hear you
But I don’t feel you

In my dream
I know you
I feel you
I love you

Is this a dream?
My dream?

Is this a memory?
My memory?

It does not matter now

You are here,
With me

You are,
My future

~ Ashley

P.S. : Inspired by the movie, Oblivion, of what Jack Harper felt.


Photo taken by Andrew on Samsung Galaxy SIII, at Pantai Chendering, Kuala Terengganu (one of my favorite beaches).













Photo taken by Andrew

Il Lido Italian Dining @ Jalan Mayang

I’m not a big fan of Italian cuisine/food. The way the food is cooked, isn’t always my liking.

I can’t say that I’ve tried all the nice Italian cuisine available in KL, but I’ve tried enough. Every time I went I would try to keep an open mind, hoping that this would be different and nicer. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to say, “I love it”.

Il Lido Italian Dining, located just opposite my office block, has been around for quite some time. I’ve heard people singing its praises, but I’ve never got the chance to try it. Many times my colleagues and I had planned to go, and there would always be last minute changes that we couldn’t make it.

Il Lido has had a few promotional deals on Groupon, but I never bought it. Until last month, the deal came again.

It was the 3-course Italian fine dining weekday lunch and drinks for one person at RM35. Usually, during weekdays, they have set lunch which costs RM49.90++ I was thinking, perhaps I could go with Andrew. If at all Andrew couldn’t go with me, I’d go with my colleagues then. So, I bought 2. Then, I saw there was another deal, RM100 for RM200 value of cash voucher which you can use any time, any day! Damn! If I’ve had seen this earlier, I wouldn’t buy the set lunch. ARGH! After considering it for 5 minutes, I bought it.

I know, I know. For someone who doesn’t like Italian, it is crazy to buy 2 deals at one time. I thought if at all I don’t like it, I can give/sell the voucher to my colleagues. Also, we just got to be adventurous and challenge ourselves every now and then right? :)

I went with Andrew for the lunch last week. The restaurant is located on the 1st floor in The Mayang. The moment I reached, I was greeted by someone who could remember my name! I did make a reservation, but I didn’t expect them to be expecting and remembering me. When I stepped into the restaurant, I understand why he could remember me. There was only 2 tables occupied, the restaurant was pretty empty. Perhaps I was the only one who made reservation. Hahahahaha.


Decoration is nice, looks VERY classy! I thought I was in some 5-star hotel restaurant. :) The only problem is, in a restaurant with less than 10 patrons and with that kind of atmosphere, you have to literally whisper so that you won’t look like some “sakai” coming from the jungle. @__@ Imagine if you were to come with a group of friends, it would be pretty “uncomfortable” to even just talk or laugh louder. I didn’t even dare to stand up and walk around to take photos.

I am really sorry that I didn’t get the name of the man who served us. Andrew and I had problems choosing the food, because we weren’t given a menu. The man just told us, “for appetiser today we have…… for main we have……” Gosh…… I wonder why can’t they just give us the set lunch menu. I felt so embarrassed to have to keep asking him to repeat and “what is that”. -__- Lucky that he was pretty patient and polite with us, although I did see a tint of annoyance on his face.


Set lunch is actually a 3-course meal. We were so surprised when the waiter came and serve us this home smoked tuna with beetroot and horseradish. Heard the waiter mumbled something, I guessed he meant complimentary. It’s a small piece of tuna wrapped with beetroot and horseradish sauce. I took out my handphone, took a photo of it, admiring the tiny piece of tuna and talking to Andrew about how big the plate is for such a small piece of tuna…… And suddenly I realised something, the waiter was still standing beside our table waiting for us to EAT it! @__@ He was staring at us, with the stare that told us to “quickly eat it”! So, I popped the tuna into my mouth. Oh boy…… It tastes so fresh! The beetroot is crunchy and the horseradish adds another layer of flavour to the whole thing. My goodness, I wish I could have second one! Soon after I finished the tuna, the waiter was so quick to take (or I should say snatch) away the plate. @__@ What is this? I don’t appreciate this kind of “efficiency”.


Then we were served their homemade bread which also tastes heavenly. It is warm , the skin is so crunchy but it is so fluffy on the inside! None of the Italian restaurants that I’ve been to served warm bread! It is by far the tastiest bread I have ever had in an Italian restaurant. I so wanted to go for a second piece but I know I gotta keep some room in my stomach for the food later. The vinegar and virgin olive oil that comes with it taste better than those others that I’ve tried before. I am really impressed with their quality.


Here comes the appetiser! Andrew went for the salad, which I don’t know the name. Hahahaha. There is some red crunchy stuff in the salad, we can’t quite figure out what it is. Tastes like bacon, but also tastes like beef, or ham…… Nothing to shout about with this salad, only good is it is VERY fresh.


I am a soup person, so it is only natural that I chose soup. It is leek and potato soup. Sorry to say, I don’t really fancy the texture. It tastes more like runny mashed potato with leek. Unique combination of leek and potato, but it doesn’t have that “omph” chemistry.

As for the main course, we were given three choices, squid ink pasta, or sea-bass fillet, or meat platter (grilled lamb sausage, beef and chicken). I so wanted to try the squid ink pasta (I’ve been missing it since the first time I tried it last year) but I gotta stop taking so much of dairy products as my rashes is coming back. So, I got a bit more adventurous and chose the meat platter while Andrew went for the fish.


Andrew said the fish is just so-so. I had a bite, the fish has this strong “fishy” taste which I don’t like. No doubt it is fresh, but I don’t like fish that leaves the after-taste in my mouth that makes me feel like I’ve eaten the fish raw.


My meat platter on the other hand, is heavenly delicious! I only took a bite of the lamb sausage, I can now officially pronounce that I SERIOUSLY do not love lamb. I thought the lamb would “stink” lesser in the form of sausage, I was wrong. I could still taste the smell and I quickly chucked the remaining of the sausage to Andrew. To me, it is stinky lamb. To him, it is the aroma of the lamb. @__@ The beef is so delicious!!! It was nicely grilled, medium I would say. The meat was so tender. I enjoyed every bite of it and secretly wishing it to be of larger piece. Hahahaha. After I finished the beef, the 2 pieces chicken (perhaps I took a long time to finish the beef) were kind of cold. However, it still tastes nice. The skin is crunchy and the meat isn’t hard and dry. They used a lot of rosemary (which I find excessive) on the chicken. The strip of the gravy on the side of the plate is just not enough for me. Wish they could give more of that.


Ta-da! Here’s the dessert! I believe it is pannacotta. The waiter didn’t say anything and I was too shy to ask. :D Both Andrew and I got the same dessert, so there isn’t a need for him to say anything. First spoon, oh dear…… My eyes went wide and immediately I went for the second spoon. MMMMM…… I was urging Andrew to stop texting and quickly eat his dessert! It tastes so yummy!!! I can’t really describe it, you’ll have to taste it to feel it. However, I got kind of sick of it towards the end. Lucky that it is small. That’s the beauty of dessert, it is small. :) They know you’ll get sick of it at the end if you were to eat a lot of it and you’ll definitely leave a bad comment. :)

All in all, I would give Il Lido 4.5 stars out of 5. My favorite Italian at the moment. Now, I can say I like Italian cuisine. :)

Will be going for dinner again this Wednesday. Yippie! :D
















~ Ashley


One Thing You Would Rather Die Than Quit Eating

Was chit chatting with Melissa and this thing came to my mind. One thing that I could never quit eating. If you were to tell me that I can never eat that for the rest of my life again, I would stuff myself to death with it today. LOL!


That is one of the most amazing and delicious delicacies, how can you take it out of my life?! I would be so miserable if I couldn’t eat that for the rest of life! Just the thought of it is enough to make me feel “doomed”.

I can quit coffee (in fact, I’ve stopped my daily fix for nearly 2 months).

I can quit cold drinks or soda (actually, I don’t really fancy them).

I can quit chocolate (except chocolate ice-cream of course).

I can quit sweets (rarely eat them).

I can quit pastries and cakes.

I can quit cheese (can’t eat too much of them anyway).

I can quit pork!

But please don’t ask me to quit ice-cream!!!

When I found out I am lactose intolerant last year, I was so devastated. That means I can’t eat ice-cream any more! T__T For the first few months I really stayed out of dairy products the best I could. Whenever I saw ice-cream, I would sulk. The feeling of “can-see-but-cannot-eat” was so overwhelming.

However, after a few months, I couldn’t be bothered. After all, I’ll just get the rashes for a day or two, nothing as serious as purging. So, I continue with eating ice-cream but stay off most of the other dairy products. :D That way, I won’t be “lactose overdosed”. Clever me, ain’t I? Hahahahahahaha.

So, what’s the one thing that you can’t quit eating? Just think, if you were to be told that you can’t eat it again for the rest of your life, it’s enough to make you panic! Hehehehe…… There must be something. :P

Gelatomio has become one of my favorites for its variety and texture. :)

The TV. My Lullaby.

Good that I can still find time to blog! Not really creative writing, just my life and habits and stuff like that.

When I was still staying in the rented place, I had a TV in the room. Every time I got home, the first thing I would do was to switch the TV on (I still do that now). I’d watch whatever that was on. When I went to take my shower, I would leave the TV on, not that i could still watch it. :p Very often I would come back seeing it off, Andrew turned it off, I would give him some cold stares and told him to switch it back on.

Most of the time, I would doze off half way watching the TV and Andrew would switch it off. Here’s the “magic” moment, I would wake up the second the TV went off! Hahahahaha. I would give Andrew the stare again and he would just shoo me to “go back to sleep”.

I have this special “thing” with the TV. Whenever I’m in the house, I would leave the TV on although I’m not watching it. I don’t like a quiet house. When I cook, or shower, or ironing, or doing my laundry, the TV would be on. Whenever Andrew switches it off thinking I’m not watching, I would ask him to switch it back on.

I love to sleep with the TV on. :)

It’s funny and weird, every time Andrew thinks I’m in my deep sleep and switches the TV off, I will wake up. Most of the times I’ll wake up the moment the sound is gone. Andrew can’t do anything about it. :p He’s just puzzled why I have this weird habit.

I too am wondering since when this weird habit started and why. I don’t like noises when I sleep, but why can I sleep with the TV on? Why would I wake up the moment it is off?

Of course, I don’t leave the TV on when I sleep at night, luckily.

My TV, is my lullaby. :)












Photo taken by Andrew, in Melbourne CBD

Hidden Truths – by Ito

Here’s a poem, written by a friend that I’ve never met. We are a world apart, yet he’s an old friend whom I “met” on the world wide web. Amazing, isn’t it? How the internet can get you a friend of a lifetime. :)

Hidden Truths

why do people hide
why do they choose not to tell
why can’t they just say it

is it so hard
to tell someone
the truth,

blame cultures,
it’s part of the culture to
save face
that’s no excuse

why do people hide truths
why do they choose not to tell
why can’t they just say it

i can’t believe it’s that hard
just say it
say the truth

i will find it more honorable
to say
here is the truth,
rather than to save face.

why do people hide
why do they choose not to tell
why can’t they just say it

I will never know
but when you encounter me
do me a favor
don’t save face

- ito

P.S.: Ros (if you’re reading this), you know that I always tell you the truth. :)

The Word

Say it like it is your last
It is meant to be said
It is meant to be uttered

I wish to be your last
It is what I said

I will never be your last
You did not get what I said

You said, at last

“It was written, in the wind
It was carved, in the sand
The wind blew it away
The rain washed it away”

Do not write
Do not carve

My dear,
It is meant to be uttered
It is meant to be said
Say it like it is your last

~ Ashley

So Long. Farewell.

I see

I feel

I sing


With love

In peace

~ Ashley

You always greeted me with your smile and friendliness. We did not meet often, but whenever you saw me, it was always like you’d seen an old friend. I did not have the chance to get to know you better, but you left an impression on my heart. All of us will miss you. You’ve fought well, now you can rest. By His side.

My heart still feels the pain……

Photo taken by Ashley, at St. Paul, Melbourne.








我们的爱。。。 好傻

~ Ashley



为何 痛了
为何 伤了




~ Ashley


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