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Feeling very emotional now……

Find it hard to believe that I’m moving on to another phase in life. I am so not ready for this. I guess I will only be ready when the moment comes.

The uncertainties are killing me. I have never felt so afraid before.

I feel so overwhelmed just by looking at all the stuff.

Excited? No. That’s not what I feel, please stop telling it’s exciting.

The only comfort I have is, Andrew is in this together. Although sometimes he can’t feel what I feel and he certainly can’t understand why I’m feeling this way, at least he has let me know I’m not alone.

Life will not be the same anymore……

I hope the love I have for her will be able to help me go through all this.

My Babies With Wings

My babies.

How are you doing?

I hope you both are doing great.

I hope you have found each other and keep each other company.

Mommy miss you.

I still feel sad whenever I think of the miscarriages. Especially the second time. Sometimes I would think, if I went to see Dr. Suhaimi earlier, would things be different? I know no point of thinking about that now, I just can’t help it.

It’s been 2 years since the first, and the second since last October. This year, October went past without me realising it’s been another year. Luckily, this year October went without drama.

Whatever happened, it happened for a reason.

Today, I think of them a lot……

Interstellar 2014

I’m a fan of sci-fi movies, not a huge fan, but as long as it is entertaining and not too exaggerating, I’ll watch. When I saw the trailer of Interstellar, I know I gotta watch it.

Matthew McConaughey is a great actor, no question about it. Anne Hathaway is also a great actress, and beautiful. Then there’s the director, Christopher Nolan. How could one miss a movie like this? And I still have 2 TGV Amber passes that I won from Kinokuniya book contest, thought I’d better use them before they expire.

Going to the cinema for movie is not cheap nowadays. We went on Saturday, one movie ticket is RM16! The movie passes only gave us discount of RM9 each! Still had to top up RM14 for 2 movie tickets! Since when the price gone up to RM16? My goodness! One popcorn regular set that comes with a regular cup of popcorn and one medium size of soft drinks, cost RM10.90! It was only RM8.50 last year! @__@ Sorry for the out-of-topic rant.

Interstellar was an interesting movie. It’s a little similar to Gravity, but Interstellar has more stories to tell. The story between the father and daughter, the story of making promises, the story of the end of the world, the story of humanity, the story of gravity, the story of life beyond earth…… In fact, too many stories that I find it a little hard to digest. There was a point I got so irritated with the story and I was paying so much attention to the dialogue that I felt my head spinning! Especially towards the end I was trying so hard to understand all the “gravity beyond time” stuff.

I can’t say that I enjoyed the movie very much. I, again felt what I felt when I watched Gravity last year. However, this time minus the feeling of restless. I finally reached the conclusion that, although I love sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Star Trek, I don’t like “space” movies. I am fascinated with our universe, but I don’t think I enjoy watching movies like Gravity and Interstellar. You may tell me that Star Trek is also similar to exploring the universe. I know, but that is more like adventure and action. Interstellar is more like reality, too much of information to digest, it sorts of killed the entertaining part.

Well, it could be just me. Andrew enjoyed the movie very much, just like how he enjoyed Gravity. Ok, ok, it is me. So, if you’re like me, and you didn’t like Gravity, don’t waste your time watching Interstellar. You’ll be gritting your teeth and wishing the movie will end faster.

Anyway, despite the story, I did enjoy the visual and the occasional action scenes. What surprised me was, Matt Damon played a small part in the movie too!

I almost forgot, Hans Zimmer done the music for the movie. No wonder I felt a bit of familiarity when I heard the musics throughout the movie. I must say the musics created perfect mood every time.

Driver Vs. Husband

I have a valid license, driving license that is. However, I don’t drive. “You must be kidding, Ashley! What for you got a driving license then?” You know, just in case the need arises. :P Got it 8 years ago.

I don’t have my own car, Andrew does. He has been the one chauffeuring me around. So, yes, we spend a lot of time together other than at home. Another good thing is, we work in the same area. That is the reason why we don’t need a second car. We both know how burden it is to have 2 cars.

A lot of people are saying that I am lucky that I do not have to drive, and I have a 24-hour chauffeur to drive me around wherever I want.

Well, I never complain. I never find it troublesome to not have my own car. Even when Andrew can’t drive me, I find my ways. Taxi, LRT, bus…… There are times that I find it ridiculous for him to drive me all the way to somewhere and he has to go home on his own, I’ll tell him to just drop me at the nearest LRT station. Sometimes, he will insist to send me to my destination. I don’t argue, I just let him do what makes him happy.

I’ve tried to drive on my own, but he doesn’t trust my skill. :P He’d rather to chauffeur me than see his car got scratched and bumped. Hahaha. I’m not a bad driver, I just need time to get used to his car. The less I practice, the less likely I can drive! And guess what, I learned all my driving skills from him. So, who to blame?

About the point that I am lucky, is very subjective you see.

He’s willing to drive me around, he never complains. The only time he complained was to urge me to get my driving license, “just in case” he said.

He’s worried about my safety too. There used to be times I called him for help because I couldn’t get a taxi from a secluded place.

That is just his way of taking care of his wife.

By the way, my mom doesn’t drive too, and she doesn’t even have a driving license. My father has been the one who drives her around ever since they married. I never heard my father complained, except that he hates to wait. :) Andrew’s mom doesn’t drive too, and she too doesn’t have a driving license. Hahaha. But she does have a motorbike license, she rides motorbike to work, other time father-in-law will be the one who drives her around.

So, it is not that I am lucky that I have a “driver”. He is just, being a husband.

P.S.: When I need to go out and Andrew can’t send me, I’d take public transport. Very often, I would work around his availability. I don’t depend on him, I merely believe that he would want me to ask him first before I work out other options. Also, we always do things together, even buying groceries. :)

In Love With You

It has been months since I got my Daniel Wellington watch. I love it to bits! Love the thin and light body, love the simplicity of it, love the way it pumps up your look no matter what you’re wearing, love its quality leather strap, love the fact that I can change the strap on my own……

Andrew who was previously sceptical about its looks and quality, is now in love with his Classic Bristol too. I asked him once why I don’t see him wearing his Seiko anymore, he said, “after wearing DW, that Seiko looks so bulky and old-fashioned. DW looks so classic”. LOL!!! DW is now officially his working watch. However, he still hasn’t tried on the NATO strap. He wears it to work everyday, so the NATO strap doesn’t seem to suit his working attire.

About the leather strap, it is definitely of high quality as mine is still not completely broken in after wearing it for more than 6 months. The NATO strap gets dirty easily, well, as expected. Now I am an expert in changing the straps. Hahaha.

Recently, I start to see DW being sold locally online. Groupon once had a deal on some DW watches, and recently I saw some online seller selling it on Facebook. I’m not sure how they got the watches, perhaps they bought directly from DW website with discount and sell them at a higher price. I’m just curious, why would someone buy from them since we can buy directly from DW website with free international shipping?

Love my DW so much. It is always the first watch that I pick up every morning, my rose gold Titus has become my second watch. :P


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

I Am Still Here

I know, the inactivity here may make some of you wonder if I have quit blogging or I simply vanish from thin air. LOL! For your information, I have not quit blogging. I am just lazy and tired to write and blog, that’s it.

Sometimes I saw someone posted something interesting on Facebook and thought of blogging about it, but the laziness got the better of me.

Sometimes I was so determined to write something, half way through, I deleted everything because they were nonsense.

Sometimes I wanted to write a poem, but damn, I had no idea what to write about.

Sometimes I planned to write a movie review, but heck I thought no point writing it since it was weeks after I watched it.

There are a lot of things going on at this moment, but I am reluctant to blog about them. My plans, my future, my job…… Everything is so messed up now, I have no idea where I’ll be heading to right now. So many things I want to try and do, but I do not know where to start. A lot of changes will be coming too.

Hope I can gather some inspiration and energy to write more.

10 Things Married Women Are So Sick of Hearing

Saw this article on Women’s Health FB page and out of curiosity, I read it. They’re pretty hilarious and TRUE.

10 Things Married Women Are So Sick of Hearing

1. So, when are you going to have kids?

This is what I get the most! I know it’s the society norm to get married and have kids, but it is not an absolute thing that a married couple MUST do. I don’t know why people like to ask this question as if it has anything to do with them whether or not I have kids!

2. What’s it like?

When I just got married, people (single especially) around me liked to ask, “so, how is married life?” Seriously, are you really interested to know?

3. You’re different now.

I often got comments like this when I cracked a joke or when I UNDERSTAND some dirty jokes. “Whoa, now that you’re married you’re totally different! Hey, you talk different after you’re married! Oooohhhh, someone’s become naughty after she got married.” –___– Give me a break!

4. When are you changing your name?

Lucky I never get this.

5. Are you going to buy a house?

I got this very often too. Trust me, they never stopped asking until the day I put my down-payment on the house. And after that, the question changed to, “when are you moving to your new house? Are you going to renovate it big time?” @__@

6. What do you think of your in-laws?

What I got is, “how are you getting with your in-laws? Good? Are they good people?” Really, I don’t see how it concerns you. If it’s my parents and close friends who genuinely care, I don’t mind.

7. Do you ever get sick of each other?

Andrew and I are very much in love, I can’t speak on his behalf but I know I always like to be together with him. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I will always like to go and do it with him. When people know that we’re two love birds who can’t separate from each other, they often ask me, “C’mon, you’ll have to be more independent. Aren’t you sick of seeing each other everyday? Don’t you need some alone time?” Yes, we do, we don’t go to the toilet together. ARGH!

8. I could never get married.

No, no one has said this to me.

9. You wouldn’t understand: You’re married.

Yes, someone used to say this to me A LOT. Like the writer said, it’s like I’ve been married since the day I was born and I was never single. When I was single and didn’t have a boyfriend, the same person used to say “you wouldn’t understand: You’re never in love”.

10. Is he your best friend?

I only have people asking me, “do you tell him everything? Do you keep secrets from him? Oh, you do tell him everything. So, he’s your best friend huh?” DUH!


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